3D Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours offer the closest experience to being somewhere possible online.  All 3D VR tours are compatible with websites, on-site displays, property listings, and VR headsets for the ultimate online showcase.

How does it work?

Our 3D interactive tours use the cutting edge Matterport camera system to generate the best quality interactive tours currently available.  Our service is unique in that we provide more than just the tour.  From just a single visit to your property we can produce the following:

3D Interactive Tour

Still Photographs

Walk Through Video

All of the above is include in the price of a single tour at £160 for a typical 3 bedroom property.

Tours typically take only 90 minutes on site.

Tour 3D Features

Our tours build a digital 3D model of the property or space.  This allows for having many more scan points within each room, silky smooth transitions between points, and provides a greater sense of presence for those viewing the tour.  3D modelling also also brings extra advantages:

Multiple 360 Degree Positions in Each Room
Smooth Animated Transations
Dollhouse View
Floor Plan View
Actual Floor Plans with Measurements*
Exports for CAD applications*

*We charge extra for floor plans and CAD exports.

Explore a Tour

This is a good example of a 3D virtual tour. To make these, we move through the house with a 3D Matterport Camera, covering one room at a time.

Typically a house takes around 90 minutes to complete depending on the size of the property.

Incidentally, this property is for sale as of 3rd of March 2019 with Michael Graham Young in Radyr, Cardiff.  If you’re interested, please click here to view the listing.

Video Walk Through

We can set a route around the interactive tour, and use this to produce a walk through video to automatically guide viewers to areas of interest.  We made this video was made from the tour above.

We can apply agent branding and styling where applicable, and you can choose your own music.

Still Images from Tour

The images below are all created from the tour above.  These shots are always crisp, clear and bright. capturing the room details for uses such as online property listings.  Save time and money by having the 3D tour and the property pictures done in one go.